Kitchen Makeover

Updating the home doesn’t have to cause disruption to family living.  To modernize your space, think about updating the surfaces such as floors, walls, cabinets and bench tops.  Such changes will aesthetically enhance your home.

  • Use the kitchen cabinet carcass and build / hang new doors
  • Paint existing cabinet and change cabinet knobs
  • Install kitchen sink and tap fittings
  • Build floor to ceiling pantry cupboards
  • Install shelving
  • Remove window and install new window
  • Custom build Butcher table / Cabinet
  • Prepare walls and ceiling for Painting
  • Professionally Paint the room with anti-mold paint product
  • Prepare floor and lay down lino or floorboards
  • Install splash back panels
  • Repair existing Kitchen drawers or cupboards
  • Fix squeaky floor board
  • Installing door-operated light switches for taller, deeper kitchen cupboards
  • Install revolving shelves, such as a kitchen carousel


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