AVID Handyman – Property Maintenance

Any building will require maintenance and upkeep.  All those niggling problems need to be solved.   A few of the common complaints are listed below, but is not exhaustive of what AVID Handyman Services can achieve.

  • Repair & replace window sill
  • Repair & replace door Jamb
  • Repair & replace skirting
  • Repair & replace doors
  • Repair & replace door locks
  • Hang doors
  • Fit doggy door
  • Fit bug (mosquito) screens in doors and windows
  • Draught proof doors & windows
  • Hang picture frames, photo frames, mirrors
  • Install dado rail
  • Replace cornices
  • Replace door handle
  • Repair sticky doors
  • Repair wooden floor boards
  • Repair cracks in plaster
  • Repair gyprock
  • Repair surface repairs
  • Repoint bricks
  • Fix exterior cladding
  • Fix squeaky stairs
  • Laminate surfaces
  • Repair tile surfaces

Based in Inner West Sydney, AVID Handyman Services can cater to your requirements.  Call Donavan 0416 133 653